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General Announcements:

We still have a few members that have not provided the surnames they are reseraching, for the web site.  Check on the Current Members page to see if we have your names.  If not, just drop an email to the Web Master, listing the names.

Also, I am looking for any advice you might offer about the web site.  Such as, what you would like to see on it or what you would like to NOT see on it.  No guarantees, but any and all suggestions will be considered.

Some occasional feedback would be nice, too.  Good or bad, doesn't matter - as long as I know someone is looking at the thing.

Next Meeting:

Thursday - December 18, 2014 - 6:00 p.m.
Golden Corral Restaurant - 6975 Douglas Boulevard.

Christmas Party!

NOTE: 3rd Thursday to avoid interferring with the holidays!

Last Program:

Our last program, presented by Elaine Steere (with her typical flair and elan) was part one of a two part program on the family of Ezekiel Polk of Douglas County, Georgia.  The Polk family had great influence over the years, on not only Douglas County but several southern states and the nation, as well.  One of Ezekiel's relatives, James Knox Polk, became the eleventh President of the United States.  He presided over the U.S. actually becoming a nation "from sea to shining sea."  As you can see from his biography, he is the man mostly responsible for shaping the nation into what it is today.

Next Program:

As you probably already know, our next meeting is our annual Christmas Party (in lieu of the December meeting, on the 18th of December) and will be held at: Golden Corral, 6975 Douglas Boulevard, Douglasville.


This is a family friendly, buffet style restaurant.  One price for all you can eat, and a great variety of food.  Salads and deserts galore!

We have reserved a room in the far left back corner, so grab a plate, load it up with goodies and come on back.  Join us for great fun and fellowship!  Pictures will be taken and posted on the web site.

What's up with the Cemetery Committee?

After getting rained out last week, it was good to get Holly Springs cleaned yesterday -- even if it was on the chilly side.  Not only did the usual cleaning get accomplished, but Officer Cadwell and Emmanuel planted three red maple saplings on the eastern side of the cemetery.

It would have been nice to put them more toward the middle, but given their habit of big roots running right at the surface it would have been disruptive to say the least.  However we do have two or three volunteer oaks that are beginning to do pretty well more toward the center of the cemetery.  Emmanuel spent some time trimming these so that their trunks grow up uncluttered rather than just turning into clumps.

We were finished there about 11:00, and Greg Cadwell and the crew took a 4th maple out to the Strickland-Smallwood cemetery to plant it.  That's the small family cemetery at Tyree Road and Amity Drive about a mile west of Post Road.

Next Thursday we'll be cleaning three cemeteries on the west side: Hallman (adjacent to Clinton Farm), Hembree (near the intersection of Ephesus Church Road and Liberty Road), and Keaton (in the woods off Liberty Road, just north of Ephesus Church Road).

Given the extended forecast for weather in the low to mid twenties that morning, we may not start until about 9:00.  Stay turned on that issue.

Directions: From I-20, take exit 30 and go south on Post Road for 0.4 miles.  Turn right on Ephesus Church Road and go 1.2 miles to Clinton Road.  Take a right on Clinton for 0.1 miles and turn right on Streetman Road.  Follow it 0.5 miles and turn left onto Streetman Way.  We'll be going beyond the pasture gate about a 10th of a mile to the cemetery which is right against the fence of the Clinton farm property.  Be sure to close the gate as there are horses and cattle in the pasture.

From there we'll return to Ephesus Church Road and continue southwestward almost to Liberty Road.  Just before the last house short of Liberty, there is a driveway down to the Hembree cemetery.  We actually park out on the road and walk a few yards down that driveway.  When we finish with the Hembree (just four graves), we'll turn right on Liberty Road and go a very short distance up to the gate on the right side of the road.  It's across the road from a mailbox numbered 4271.  Past the gate it's 1000 feet down to the fenced-in cemetery of about 35 graves.

Once we're all finished, the easiest way back to town is 2.9 miles up Liberty Road to I-20.

Next week wraps up our November work with an inmate crew, since the following Thursday (27th) is Thanksgiving Day.  Sometime during the holiday week, we may venture over to the Duncan cemetery on Ben Hill and see what we can find, now that this weather will have killed a lot of vegetation.  We need to coordinate that with Suzanne -- more on that later.

Visitors always welcome.

We could still use a few more volunteers.  Supervisory only, the Sheriff sends a deputy with an inmate crew to do the actual manual labor.  Y'all come -- it's fun.

Also, we need you to contact us if you know of a Douglas County cemetery in need of attention.  There may be some we are not aware of, so please help us out!  Thank you!

Sandy Whittington
770-949-8053 (home)
404-625-3108 (mobile)

Regular Meetings

The Douglas County Genealogical Society meets on the 4th Thursday of each month, except for the November and December meetings, which are held on the 3rd Thursday of the the month, to avoid interfering with holidays and family get-togethers.

Additionally, the December meeting is our annual Christmas Dinner, and may be held just about anywhere in Douglas County.  Usually we meet at a local restaurant, but sometimes a potluck dinner at either a members home, a local businesses conference room or a local churches fellowship hall.  The location will be announced by at least the November meeting (usually before), and the pertinent information, complete with directions and maps, will also be posted here on the web-site, under the Breaking News banner..

The regular meetings begin at 6:00 pm and are held in the Fellowship Hall (downstairs) of the Heritage Baptist Church, located at 8800 Rose Avenue, Douglasville, Georgia.  The parking lot entrance is on Selman drive, just a few yards down from the traffic light at Rose Avenue and Selman Drive.

At the request of our host, we must tidy up and clear the room by 7:45 pm.