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Also, does any one have photos from other events they would be willing to share?  Christmas 2011, GoldMine visit?  Anything?

I will be quite happy to put them up for all to see.  I can even scan them if you only have prints.  Email the the digital photos (with descriptions) to the Web Master or let me know when you can bring your prints to a meeting and I will bring my scanner.

Events are listed oldest first (so things don't move around too much).

Now enjoy the pictures!

Field Trips

It's beginning to look like July is the month of choice for field trips.  Makes sense, as the weather is usually pretty good in July.

Our apologies for any missing events.

Christmas Dinners
missing                 missing

Our apologies for any missing years.

September Saturdays

Our apologies for any missing years.

Th..tha...that... that's all, folks!